“Menulis adalah nikmat termahal yang diberikan oleh Allah, ia juga sebagai perantara untuk memahami sesuatu. Tanpanya, agama tidak akan berdiri, kehidupan menjadi tidak terarah...” Qatâdah, Tafsîr al-Qurthûbî

Kamis, 06 Maret 2014

Cak Nun

This biography is written by :
                                            Name                      : Fatkhul Sani Rohana
                                            Student Number      : 13391114
                                            Majority                 : Islamic Economic
                                            Faculty                   : Islamic Finance

Muhammad Ainun Najib or commonly known Emha Ainun Najib or Cak Nun is the most famous musician for religion song (people called shalawat), artist, religionist, etc. Thus, Cak Nun is one of multitalented figure. Physically, he has a pointed nose, brown skin, long hair and musthace.

 He was born in Jombang, East Java, May 27, 1953. He was the fourth child of 15 siblings. His father, MA Latif, was a farmer. He received his elementary education at Jombang (1965) and SMP Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (1968). And he entered Gontor Ponorogo modern boarding school but later excluded because the demonstration against the government in the middle of the third year of his studies. Then he moved to SMA Muhammadiyah, Yogyakarta until graduation. Then he had continued to UGM Faculty of Economics, but did not graduate yet. He Only got formal education in Semester 1 Faculty of Economics, University of Gadjah Mada (UGM).

He had Five years of living homeless in Malioboro, Yogyakarta between 1970-1975 when studying literature. He also participated in theater workshops in the Philippines, International Writing Program at the University of Iowa, United States, International Poets Festival in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and Horizonte Festival III in West Berlin, Germany.

In daily life, Cak Nun directly involved in the community and doing activities and integrates the dynamics of art, religion, political education, in order to foster economic synergy potentialities of the people. In addition to the regular monthly activities with community Padhang Bulan Society, he also traveled to various parts of the archipelago, an average of 10-15 times per month with Music Kiai Kanjeng, and in average 40-50 shows a mass which is generally done in the area outside the building. Beside that, he also held a Kenduri Love at Taman Ismail Marzuki. Kenduri Love is friendship forum feast of culture and humanity are packed very open, light and wrapped in his cross-gender art. In social gatherings, he did various deconstruction understanding of the values, communication patterns, educational way of thinking, as well as the pursuit of the problem solutions.

In various community forums Cak Nun was always trying to correct a misunderstanding about something, whether errors of meaning and contextual meaning etymology. One is about da'wah, the world which he considered polluted. According to him, there is no parameter who is and is not to preach. "The main Da'wah not with words, but by behavior.”

His career began as Caregivers Space Daily Literature at the Present, Yogyakarta. Then a reporter / editor at the Daily Present, Yogyakarta, before becoming the leader of Theatrical Dynasty (Yogyakarta), and bands Kyai Kanjeng until now. Poet and columnist in several media.

Subject pluralism, often appears in discussions with community Cak Nun. Like he said some days ago in a national seminar which I present in FISIPOL UGM,  "What is pluralism?". “According to him, since the time of Majapahit kingdom was never a problem with pluralism. "Since the days of our fathers, the nation is already plural and can live in harmony. Maybe now there is no intervention from outside the country," said Cak Nun. He emphatically declared support pluralism. According to him, pluralism not think all religions are the same. Islam unlike Christianity, Buddhism, to Catholicism, to the Hindu. I just can say “What a wonderful thingking !” every after hear Cak Nun’s speech.